Mum & Baby Class

This is a 90 minute class per week running over 6 weeks. Each class is designed specifically for the post natal body, helping new Mums in both their physical and emotional recovery.  The class is based on the Pilates method, however will incorporate some light cardio exercise and light weights.The focus is on progressive core strengthening, postural re-education, flexibility and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

The block begins with a detailed screening and individual assessment of the abdominal muscles. Each Mum is given the opportunity to discuss any post natal issues and their goals.

The classes are designed to encourage healing in a supportive and fun environment. They are relaxed, allowing you the space to feed or soothe your baby when needed. Each class will finish with some well deserved relaxation as you and baby cuddle, or some helpful tips for your post natal body.

NOTE; As each class is run by Eimear, a passionate women’s health Physiotherapist and mum of 2, there is always a supportive and encouraging presence to help you along your post natal journey.

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Post Natal Toning

This is a one hour class per week, running over 6 weeks. Each class is specifically designed with mums in mind, helping you to be strong enough to deal with life as a new mum and gentle enough to allow your body to heal. The class is based on the Pilates method, however will incorporate some light cardio exercise and light weights. Each class will be taught by womens health Physiotherapist,Eimear, and will incorporate some educational info each week, with lots of opportunities for you to discuss any concerns before or after class. At the end of each class there will be a short meditation to give your mind a well deserved rest too, before returning home feeling stronger in body and mind.

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Beginners and
Intermediate Pilates

The Beginner and Intermediate classes are ideal for anyone. The pilates method uses breath and core/pelvic floor activation to challenge the body and mind. These classes are suitable for all age groups, and are particularly suitable for Post menopausal women as there is a mix of weight bearing and resistance training for bone health, as well as core strengthening to help improve pelvic floor health.

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