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The Mummy MOT is a specialist post-natal assessment, for any woman who has had a baby, whether it was 6 weeks or many years ago. It is a one hour assessment which looks at the stomach and pelvic floor muscles, the lower back, pelvis, hips and ribcage. It is a comprehensive screening of the whole body, allowing you to discuss any areas of concern and identify any issues which may become future or long term problems. Your body has gone through phenomenal changes, and this assessment is what every Mum deserves after pregnancy and childbirth.

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What people are saying

  • I first saw Eimear shortly after my first child was born, when I hurt my back at an exercise class and sought a recommendation from a friend. Eimear fixed the problem I had with my back and explained that I had a severe diastasis recti and had been doing exercises that were not safe for me. Noone had mentioned this at my post natal checks and I had no idea. Eimear helped me to rehabilitate my diastasis and showed me how to protect it so I returned to normal exercise intensity. 

    Eimear has treated me in her physiotherapy clinic during my two further pregnancies and her post natal classes have helped me to safely return to exercise each time. With her guidance I know how to modify exercises to protect my core and I have been able to resume HIIT training and my couch to 5k, which I never would have dreamed was possible when I saw her first. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Eimear to anyone needing physiotherapy services, and most especially to anyone seeking an excellent womens health physiotherapist.


  • Very glad I went to Eimear for a post natal assessment – would recommend for all women after having a baby. Comprehensive assessment and great advice on return to exercise. Thank you Eimear


    I loved everything about the class. There was a really good mix. Loved the tummy and bum workouts and the advice regarding scar massage and checking for diastasis. Great mix of exercises and very easy to have your baby with you. The individual feedback and attention during class was amazing. All the information given was really really helpful


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