Post natal aches and pains

I defnately still suffer from this from time to time. That aching, tightness in the mid back, right between the shoulder blades. I remember those never ending feeding frenzies and the nights and days I fell asleep slumped over exhausted in the newborn (and not so newborn) stage. Lots of mums come to clinic complaining of mid back pain, and often it is down to the poor posture we adopt as exhausted mums, trying to care for our little ones. So heres just a few little exercises that will help ease that discomfort. From one mommy to another. If you can try and co-ordinate the breathing it will help increase the stretch further. You could do these while sitting, perhaps after finishing feeding,

Chest stretch;

INHALE pull the arms back and look up

EXHALE reach the arms forward, round the shoulders and push rthough the hands

Repeat x10


Arms at shoulder height, elbows bent

EXHALE twist to your left

INHALE back to the middle. Repeat alternating sidesx5 each side.

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